Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Khloe Gordon, PhD 2023
Thesis: Pooled screening of chimeric antigen receptor signaling for improved clinical function
Biological Engineering
Mammalian Engineer III, Ginkgo Bioworks

Patrick Holec, PhD 2022
Thesis: Scalable methods for immune repertoire sequencing
Biological Engineering

Brooke Huisman, PhD 2022
Biological Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathis Lab, Harvard Medical School

Connor Dobson, PhD 2021
Biological Engineering
Senior Scientist, Kelonia Therapeutics

Beth Grace, PhD 2021
Thesis: Characterization of anti-tumor T cell specificities to inform engineering of antigen-targeted immunotherapies
Biological Engineering
Scientist I, Repertoire Immune Medicines

Garrett Rappazzo, PhD 2020
Thesis: Determination of class II peptide-MHC repertoires and recognition via large yeast-displayed libraries
Biological Engineering


Postdoctoral Fellows

Nishant Singh, 2018-2023
PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2018

Taeyoon Kyung, 2017-2021
PhD, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2016
Senior Engineer I, Ginkgo Bioworks


Research Technicians

Katie Breuckman — Graduate Student, Boston University Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry

Overbeck Christian Takou Mbah
 (2019-2021) — Medical Student, Stanford University

Anna Reich (2018-2020) — Process Development Scientist, Pfizer

Angela Zhang (2021-2022) — Senior Program Coordinator, Boston Children’s Hospital


Visiting Fellows

Gils Roex (2022-2023)


Undergraduate Students

Jiayi Dong (Undergraduate 2020-2021, Tech 2021-2022) — Graduate Student, Harvard Immunology

Ning (Alexa) Guan (2018-2020) — Graduate Student, Harvard Systems, Synthetic, & Quantitative Biology